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The 10th China international machinery and metal mould exhibition opened in changan town, dongguan city, guangdong, on the 26th.
Instead of many foreign well-known machinery manufacturing enterprises monopolize the mould machinery equipment compared to thunder, the exhibition appeared a lot of domestic machinery manufacturing enterprises, formed the Chinese and foreign machinery manufacturing enterprise ZhengHui scenes with each other, become a highlight of this exposition.
According to the introduction, this exhibition sets the standard and the special booth 540, plus 200 more fixed shops, the exhibition area exceeds 40,000 square meters, the exhibition enterprises have more than 350. The exhibitors except makino, Japan, the United States WIDIA, German wave dragon, NT tools, Japan SiDi, foreign well-known enterprises such as toyotanso, Hitachi tool, carved in Beijing, Shanghai, slightly, and many other domestic machinery manufacturing enterprises are exhibition, many enterprises is the first time, breaking the previous foreign machinery manufacturing enterprises monopolize show the situation of the world, become a highlight of this exposition.
Swiss archie summer mill area manager yu-qiang han said that due to technical workers wage costs rising in recent years, promoted the mold enterprise transformation, from manual production to automated production enterprise is an increasing demand for nc machine tools, such as machinery, which makes them the Swiss company decided to increase investment in the Chinese market, jockey, this is now foreign mould machinery manufacturing enterprises with the Chinese market are a big trend.
Yu-qiang han said, in the mold enterprise to high-end machinery equipment demand growth at the same time, the Chinese mould machinery manufacturing enterprises to develop very fast and it has brought a certain amount of pressure to their enterprise. On this exhibition can obviously feel the local machinery manufacturing enterprises in China rapid progress, in ten years ago such mechanical mould exhibition are dominated by foreign machinery manufacturing enterprises, now has a place of domestic enterprises.
This exhibition and industrial automation equipment co., LTD. Dongguan han production director zhu kindly told reporters that their enterprise, founded in 2008, mainly produces robots and other automation equipment, with independent intellectual property rights, over the past few years due to dongguan mold enterprise demand for automation equipment, the business is very good.
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