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In numerous warehousing equipment, steel silo with its simple structure, low cost, and the advantages of production speed quickly, widely attracted many users consistent praise and affirmation, and compared to the other ordinary cement silo, steel silo itself has the advantage of its characteristics and to a large extent far won the other cement silo, so here today, in view of the steel silo advantage comparing with common cement silo problem, we made the detailed introduction for you.
Comparison of the advantages of steel plate and ordinary cement warehouse:
1. Good overall performance and long life. In the process of construction, the steel plate is completely constructed by special equipment, and in the process of rolling, the warehouse
The external wall bite is made of a spiral convex strip 5 times the thickness of the material and 30 mm to 40 mm wide, which greatly enhances the loading capacity of the silos
The strength, stability and earthquake resistance of the steel plate are better than other positions. In addition, according to the requirements of the storage materials against corrosion and grinding strength, the materials of the warehouse shall be used for the optimum plate ratio, which will make his normal service life of 30 to 40 years. Far exceed the service life of other positions.
2. Excellent airtight performance and wide use. Because of the bending and biting of the special-purpose equipment, it can ensure the warehouse body
The quality of any part, so its seal is especially good, can store cement, fly ash, slag superfine powder and other powdery things, in the building materials industry is widely used. Such as cement plant, power plant, powder mill station.
The construction period is short and the cost is low. Spiral biting steel plate warehouse site construction, warehouse roof installation. Lipu construction equipment, bending speed can reach 5 meters per minute, without scaffolding and other auxiliary facilities, so the period is extremely short. It is made of thin steel plate and weight is equivalent to the weight of steel reinforced concrete cang, which greatly reduces the cost. In addition, because it can bend and shape two different materials in the tube, it can reduce the use of chemical and ring
To store the construction cost of highly corrosive materials.
4. Small area and easy to manage. The helical bite plate is different from other steel plates, and the height and diameter can be selected arbitrarily in a larger range. The distance between the two storehouses is between the minimum and 500mm, which can make full use of space and reduce the floor area. It is very convenient for the user to manage the spiral bite plate.
5. High strength: five times the thickness of the parent material for the continuous spiral bite of the steel plate warehouse, which greatly enhances the loading resistance of the steel plate.
6. Light weight: the height diameter of the main silo can be selected arbitrarily in a wide range. The spacing of the steel plates is small to 50
Centimeter, can make full use of space. The self-weight of the coil side steel plate is only 1/6 of the same volume concrete silo, which is in the same volume concrete
The weight of the steel bar is the same, which can greatly reduce the load and cost of construction.
Advantage characteristics of steel silo, in the eyes of many users, the store not only the object, but also strong and durable, so the steel silo compared with other ordinary cement silo, steel silo itself has the advantage of performance on the big range is far beyond the other common loading equipment.

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