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Large steel plate parameters and cement storage quality
1. Storage parameters
Large library adopts steel plate welding, effective diameter Φ 30 m, covers an area of more than 1 mu, the library wall straight section 16 m high, spherical top 3.8 m high, 8 ° slope at the bottom, 2 m deep, overall inventory reserves according to the silicate cement pile density of 1.45 t/m3, more than 18000 t.
2 cement storage quality
The warehousing cement is superimposed on the inclined plane to make the cement layer evenly distributed at different times. Outbound before, through the annular gasification tube at the bottom, according to the sequence in turn, makes the high density sedimentary cement is mixed in the gas permeability of gasification, fluidized state formation, through outbound feed port, the outbound transporting pipe into the packaging warehouse or in bulk. The physical properties of the cement before and after storage are basically the same, the initial setting time of the outgoing cement is slightly extended, the anti-bending strength is slightly reduced, and the compression strength of 28d increases by 0.17 MPa, which indicates that the storage effect is ideal.
3. Suitable for storing bulk cement
The storage of bagged storage can only prolong the storage period of the cement to three months, while the large steel plate storage area has great store section and good homogenization. Increase storage density of cement with the extension of storage period, in steel library wall close air isolation, basic is vacuum seal, the sealing effect is far better than brick library, sealed bags more cannot be compared. According to the test, the cement that has been stored for more than 2 years, except that the time of coagulation is prolonged, the anti-bending strength is slightly reduced, and the compressive strength has been improved a little, and there is no clumping phenomenon. Thus it can be seen that the large steel plate with good sealing performance is the best choice for long storage cement.

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